Photos here were taken during some of St. Martha's Church activities. Among them were;

  • Quilts of Valor Hand made quilts made by members of  St. Martha’s are presented  to wounded veterans during the farewell ceremony for the Annual “Operations Seas The Day” in Bethany.

  • Blessing of the Animals

  • Children assisting during services

  • Weddings and Baptisms are special celebrations

  • And various Musical events throughout the year!

Ushering in Lent with a party! Mardi Gras (photos coming soon) is a favorite celebration. We had a great turnout for the 2017 Marti Gras on Saturday, February 25th in the Parish Hall

Last year (2016)  48 attended and a wonderful smorgasbord of delicious food was enjoyed.  We had many who dressed up for the occasion and we enjoyed some great tunes of Mardi Gras provided by Tempi Steen.  Lucy Michael was the host of the event and gave us some interesting facts about the history of Marti Gras.  Also, John Robert, who  was borne in New Orleans had some wonderful stories growing up attending many parades' and had actually been on floats in the parade.  Thanks to everyone who brought wonderful dishes to share and those who helped with setup and cleanup.

Saint Martha's Episcopal Church

ACTIVITIES at St. Martha's

St. Martha's was the Host Church for the Diocesan Convention which took place January 27-28. Here are photos of a few of the many who volunteered during the 2017 convention